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Java Training

Career Vidhya’s Java training is the pioneering program for Java aspirants in Hyderabad.

Java is the most popular and widely used computer programming language and platform that is used to build web-based applications, desktop GUI applications and mobile applications in the world today. Because of its popularity and wide spread use in the software industry, there are thousands of Java programming jobs available today. Java has become a mandatory programming language skill that every aspiring software developer requires today to be competitive in the job market.

  • Our courses are very hands-on and aimed at job placement.
  • We will prepare our students to face the real world with self-confidence and expert level technical skills.
  • In keeping with the unique need of IT industry, the program aims to develop students with strong Java programming skills.
  • We focus on practical session’s rather theoretical sessions.
  • We enhance the programming skills by exercising topic wise tasks/projects/ programs.

The objective of the program is to train students from the basic concepts of programming to advance programming techniques. We assess the student performance by conducting tests & depend on the student performance we train individual student and conduct mock interviews & involve in real time projects at the end of program.

The two months program is comprises into classroom training & LAB

Basics of Programming
A brief view of a computer and processing (CPU). What is a programming language?
Internal process of Execution of a program. Overview of variables, data types, literals.
Basic operators. Decision Making
Loop Control Arrays Basics
Basics of Java
Java- What, Where and Why? JDK, JRE, JVM?
Internal process of Java program’s execution. Why, How is Java platform Independent?
Environment Setup. Java’s Basic Syntax
Naming Conventions Java’s Keywords
Java – Modifiers Java’s Decision Making, Loop Control, Variables and Data Types etc.
Arrays in Java Methods in Java
Call by value vs Call by reference Object & Classes
Constructors Packages
Strings & Wrapper Classes in Java
What are Strings in Java? C/C++ style strings and Java’s Strings.
Strings Immutability String methods
StringBuffer Class StringBuilder Class
StringTokenizer Class What is a wrapper Class?
All Java’s Wrapper Classes and Importance? Autoboxing and Unboxing?
OOPS Conecpts
Importance of OOPs Concepts. Object & Classes
Inheritance Polymorphism
Method Overloading Method Overriding
Abstraction Interfaces
Encapsulation – Getters & Setters this, super and final keywords
the static keyword Object class & methods
Input & Output and File I/O
Read from keyboard Scanner class & it’s methods
BufferedReader and BufferedWriter File class
FileReader and FileWriter System class
PrintStream class  
Exception Handling
What are Exceptions? Exception class hierarchy.
try, catch and finally blocks throw, throws keywords
Custom Exception  
What are Threads and Processes? Thread vs Process?
Thread class Runnable interface
Thread creation.  
Serialization & Object Cloning
Serialization & Deserialization transient keyword
Cloneable interface Clone method
Thread creation.  
Basics of Swing Component Classes
JFrames Layouts
Methods Event Handling
Collection Framework Collection vs Collection
Hierarchy of Collection Classes List and Classes
Set and Classes Queue and Classes
Map and Classes Enumeration, Iterator and ListIterator

Batch size: We will take only 10 per branch to have the individual attention on every student
Batch start: Every month we will start one batch
Program Duration: 30 days to 45 days (Including live project)
Class Timings: 11 AM to 1 PM Class & Post Lunch LAB till 7 PM
Program fee: 8,000/-

The Career Vidhya is targeted at candidates who are serious about carving a career in Software Development for themselves.
Candidates must have completed their graduation from the following

  • BE/BTech
  • ME/MTech
  • BCA/ MCA
  • Any other Graduate with Mathematics / computers as one of the subjects