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IT Industry is rapidly growing field these days, almost every industry depends on IT such as Banking, Financial services, Telecom, Hospitality etc. The new rising trends& technologies like cloud computing, mobile applications, Social media and data analytics improving the number of opportunities in the IT sector. By seeing theOpportunities and knowing about the comforts in IT sector many students are dreaming about getting IT job.

Getting an IT job is very tough as the competition is very high. To get an IT job you need to improve your skills likeCommunication skills, Technical knowledge, Analytical and Reasoning skills etc.Only being a master in all the above-mentioned skills is not sufficient, you need to give the best in the interview. Just have a look at these do's and don'ts to make your interview perfect


  • Be punctual and make sure that you breitling navitimer replica will reach the interview place10minutes early, if you are being late due to some reason just call them and intimate.
  • Express yourself and your views clearly.
  • Carry the copy of all the required documents.
  • Listen carefully to the questions and answer clearly and thoughtfully.
  • It is important to make eye contact
  • If you are interviewed by a panel,Richard Mille Replica Watches make sure that you direct your answer to the person who raised the question, at the same time make brief eye contact with everyone.
  • Show your interest towards the company and position you applied.
  • Maintain the positive image throughout the interview, by presenting your skills in a positive light.
  • If you are describing your weaknesses in the interview you should always show what you are doing to rectify them.
  • Be ready to answer the questions such as "Where do want to be in five years time?" etc.


  • Don't be late to the interview.
  • Don't be aggressive about salary. Make sure that the salary will only be a discussion.
  • Don't talk too much answer the questions fluently and concisely.
  • Never interrupt the interviewer while he/she is asking a question or taking something allow them to finish the question before answering.
  • Don't answer questions with a simple "yes" or "no".Make sure that you explain your reasoning fully.
  • Don't settle for something which is way below your expectations.

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